Detailed well design and planning

Detailed design and planning of the well, including:

The final directional well program, recommended drilling assemblies, directional surveying program.

Final Casing program, casing centralizer program, casing running programs.

Final wellhead and BOP program, wellhead and BOP installation and testing program.

Final drill bit program.

Final drilling fluid program, including contingency plans.

The final cementing program, including contingency plans.

Contingency well design to meet well objectives; contingency cost estimations.

Review of AFE well duration and cost estimates.

Organize and facilitate a Peer Review and Drilling Risk Assessment.

Produce and issue final, detailed Drilling program.

Prepare Well Testing/Well Completion/Well Stimulation programs, with estimated costs and durations.

Prepare Rig Move program.

Organize and facilitate DWOP – “Drilling the Well on Paper” with Client, drilling contractor and well service company personnel.

Organize and facilitate HSE induction for Client, drilling contractor and well service personnel to ensure all personnel is fully aware of HSE requirements.

Organize and facilitate Pre-Spud Meetings both in the office and onsite for all relevant personnel.

Perform pre-spud inspection of drilling unit, service company equipment, well site, lifting equipment and safety equipment – Rig Acceptance.

Witness and record Well Spud.