Economic Studies & Risk Evaluation

Our results of economic evaluations are presented as the primary resources that can be used for making decisions. For each of the concept scenarios (or any qualified increase oil development plan), this will be carried out in NAED and the results are shared with our clients. Our economical evaluation is represented in the following steps:

  • Determination of the Project Objectives
  • Estimation of the Revenue - Benefits for Each Scenario
  • Cost Estimation for Each Scenario
  • Creation of the Fiscal Model
  • Financial Evaluation and Risk Analysis
Understanding the key objectives in any project is a critical aspect of any feasibility study. The objectives fall into three categories of financial, performance, and environmental objectives.
Determination of the reservoir model, OIP / GIP, recovery factor and the predicted production, helps to determine the future forecasted revenues though not only the revenue is limited to a production of the main products, but also the benefits may be beyond the projected revenues. NAED helps the clients to better determine revenue streams and benefits in any option and count them on the economical calculations.
NAED supports the clients for cost items determination and estimation in each of the development scenarios which requires a use of numerical methods and other estimation techniques for a reliable estimation of the costs to finally create the project cost cash flow including the capital expenditures and operational expenses.
The payment regime and contractual framework of the field owner is a very important factor in an economical analysis as it directly impacts the revenue projection for the investor/developer of a field over the operation lifetime. Each country may have different contractual models which need to be taken into account in the economical evaluation. NAED utilizes its expertise and information from reliable sources for fiscal modeling of the different contractual frameworks in Iran.
Using computerized systems, NAED calculates the financial indices such as NPV/Capex, IRR, B/C, and Payback Period. Also, the Sensitivity Analysis is done as a measure of risk of failure in economical analysis.