Geomechanics is about combining knowledge of the stresses in the Earth, and the forces in the Earth with the principles of rock mechanics. If you are interested in drilling and reservoir engineering, problems like compaction, compaction drive, subsidence, production-induced faulting are all real problems people face every day. Many reservoirs around the world are fractured, and those fractures are essential to the production, and we need to understand those reservoirs in order to optimize production. Designing the right drilling and completion program is crucial for minimizing costs and maximizing returns. Our experienced geomechanics consultants work as part of project teams that may include geosciences specialists, reservoir and production engineers, and other engineering professionals, where needed, to meet the project objectives in every part of the lifecycle of an oil and gas reservoir. We integrate a lot of different fields like structural geology, petroleum engineering, Earthquake seismology and so on to address several problems of direct relevance to oil and gas reservoirs.

NAED in collaboration with our partners provide the following services in Geomechanics:

Reservoir Geomechanics:

Wellbore stability

Hydraulic fracturing

Sand Management


Casing shear and buckling


Deep reservoir injection

Waste material injections

Nano Geomechanics studies of hard rocks

Rock mechanic core tests

Geomechanics tests

Rock Physic tests