Petrophysical Interpretation

Our petrophysical experts in NAED work closely with clients to provide the best answers and solutions to your questions regarding the reservoir issues by collaborating with the other disciplines in your team and integrating the full package of available data. These data include logs, core, geology, drilling, well test, and etc. during any stage of your projects from initial exploration to development and production.

The petrophysical services cover all your needs from planning logging programs for all types of wells to main parameters for your static and dynamic models. Petrophysical services are either provided to customers as stand-alone studies or as petrophysical analyses designed to support multi-disciplinary studies.

QC/QA of log data (depth matching, sampling, depth shifting, environmental correction, consistency.)

Integrated formation evaluation

Determination of lithology, mineralogy, Porosity, and pore system

Calculation of Water saturation and compare different methods

Fluid saturations and level of contacts (GWC, OWC, GOC, FWL)

Permeability estimation

Compare and correlate Log-derived petrophysical parameters with core data

Find NTG by defining the most accurate cut-off values

Study of fracture networks and matrix properties

Uncertainty analysis