EOR; from concept to field implementation

Our goal is to utilize advanced technologies and services to help increasing recovery in Iranian oil fields.

By having highly experienced resources and partners in this area, NAED has established a workflow to screen EOR techniques.

Through our systematic approach, and by accessing historical data (i.e. bench-marking), EOR screening process in the field of study is facilitated (utilizing NAED EOR Tool-Box). After preliminary screening of EOR processes utilizing NAED EOR Tool-Box, and for the promising EOR technique(s), advanced EOR laboratory experiments are designed in combination with reservoir modeling to understand the interaction between the selected EOR fluid, reservoir rock, and fluids for the given field. Through an ‘EOR-in-the loop’ approach, and after tuning the input parameters for reservoir simulations which are required for EOR modeling, field potential is obtained by reducing the sob-surface risks as much as possible. Associated risks in well and surface (injection point of EOR fluid, and after breaking through of the fluids) are closely discussed with our surface engineering team and a ‘tailor-made’ process is designed to control and manage the risks.

Pilot location and well(s), as well as its test program (including success criteria identification, and monitoring program) are suggested to test out the particular EOR method in the field. Integrated reservoir study is always carried out through the entire chain to obtain EOR profile and to make a business case for the most suitable EOR technique for the field of study.

Utilizing this approach, NAED can potentially evaluate more fields for a particular EOR techniques and speed up “what if” scenarios for a given field.