4D seismic

NAED’s integrated team including Geologists, Geophysicists, Petrophysicits and Reservoir Engineers work together to construct a reservoir static model that is the best representative of the field and covers the geological heterogeneity of reservoir. Thus, dynamic modelling and production history matching teams would be able to run the models with a sensible uncertainty.

Structural modelling (Faults and Horizons)

Facies modelling

Property modelling

Transmissibility and barrier analysis

History Matching and Uncertainty analysis

We help Reservoir Engineers to increase the recovery factor significantly, by optimising the current production and injection plans, and proposing new production plan. This requires getting the histroy matched reservoir model that uses both production data and 4D seismic data.

History matching

Production history matching

Seismic history matching

4D seismic analysis

4D seismic feasibility studies

4D seismic acquisition design

4D post processing algorithms to enhance the signal

4D quantitative interpretation and inversion