Basic Reservoir Engineering

NAED reservoir engineering team performs following activities as a basic reservoir engineering study. The output of this study is essential for further activities such as making static and dynamic reservoir model, implementation of production optimization, reservoir management techniques and/or IOR/EOR studies.

Material balance and volumetric calculation

Calculation of STOIP

Production drive determination

Aquifer characterization

Review of petrophysical data

Review and QC of RCAL/SCAL results

Review and QC of core and log porosity integration and cut-off determination

Review and QC of permeability and flow capacity computation

Review of porosity versus permeability plot and permeability computation for different rock type

Determination of residual oil and water saturation

Determination of hysteresis plot and scanning curve

Well test and transient pressure test analysis

Static pressure measurements

Review of WFT (RFT/MDT/XPT) pressure data

Review of Iso-Baric maps

Review of pressure profiles

Analysis of production tests, production logging test and DST

Reservoir fluid properties study

Review and QC of PVT sampling reports and data

Review and QC of PVT laboratory tests and reports

PVT analysis and tuning of equation of state (EOS)

Investigation of lateral and vertical variation of fluid properties