Geological interpretation and Modeling

Our structural and stratigraphic geologists work together with reservoir modelers to carry out the comprehensive geological studies that are necessary for the field exploration and field development projects. Their familiarity with the variety of reservoirs entire the globe has given the ability to work in any geological environment, either extension or compressional systems, carbonate or sandstone reservoirs, stratigraphic or structural traps, and etc.

Our integrated geological solutions would assist you to give the appropriate input for the IOR/EOR planning, and at the same time would be beneficial to extend the reservoir by identifying the possible nearby oil and gas reserves. Also, NAED integrated workflow prepares the inputs for identifying the optimum locations for the new planned wells.

Structural Geology interpretation and modeling

Structural interpretation using well logs, surface geological data and seismic data

The effect of faults, fracture, and deformation bands on fluid flow

Construction of reservoir structural models

Stratigraphic and Sedimentology interpretation


Correlation of core and well-based sequence analysis with seismic

Seismic-based sequence stratigraphy and depositional mapping

Seismic mapping of the main surfaces, para-sequences, system tract and sequences and 3-dimensional distribution of sequences

Construction of environment of deposition maps and facies maps

Preparing sedimentology model - both reservoir scale and regional scale

Geological model

Framework of the reservoir model

Facies analysis