Production Forecasting

Once our simulation model is calibrated, the simulation models are then used to compute the production forecasts considering various hypotheses for the reservoir production.

In simple cases, this prediction phase can be performed in a few days, while the in more complex cases it can take several months depending on the size of reservoir model (i.e. number of cells), the type of simulator (i.e. black oil, or compositional), geological features of the model, the complexity of the wellbore system and of the surface facilities layout, and the number of prediction scenarios to be run. A general sequence for running the prediction phase in NAED is summarized as 1. Input data for predictions, 2. Definition of the cases to be run, 3. Setting guidelines and constraints – to simulate the future production performance of a field, 4. Inflow and outflow well performance, 5. Running the prediction cases, and 6. Uncertainty assessment.