Flow Assurance

For many field developments as well as existing challenging export systems, flow assurance is one of the first and most crucial activities to be undertaken. The flow assurance strategies that are currently being deployed to achieve successful hydrocarbons recovery from increasing technically challenged areas need an integrated approach to the design of the transportation systems. It is no longer the case that each element of a hydrocarbon development can be designed in isolation.

At NAED we follow an integrated approach from well to oil and gas delivery point. We support following areas;

Detailed well modeling (start-up, shut-down, stability)

Transient well liquid loading

Transient/Steady state artificial lift studies

Export route/host facility selection based on existing/new pipeline or process limitations

Steady state and transient multiphase flow analysis

Liquid management in multi-phase transfer pipelines (pigging, slugging, slug catcher sizing)

Pig/sphere type selection study

Detailed start-up, cool-down and thermal performance assessment for onshore and offshore pipelines

Liquid loading analysis of gas condensate wells and preparing lift curves

Solid management (Wax, hydrate, asphaltene, scale)

Troubleshooting of existing systems with wax and asphaltene

Operations engineering support (Operations and Maintenance Philosophies and Strategies)

Well completion and pipeline material selection and corrosion/erosion assessments