Operational Assurance

At NAED we not only feel ourselves next to the clients during design but also help our clients to continuously optimize and enhance the production, safety and reliability levels of the producing plants and thereby reducing overall OPEX and increasing profitability. To achieve this, we evaluate the key aspects of the facilities by means of our sound engineering knowledge as well as simulation and in-house tools.

Our operational assurance expertise not only can be utilized for facilities in operation but also by applying it in the early phases of a project (Pre-FFED) areas of concerns can be identified in the earliest stages and can lead to CAPEX as well as OPEX savings.

Our operational assurance strategy can be tailored made based on client’s operating procedures, needs, and schemes. Our scope of services in this area include, but not limited to;

Possibility to reduce the associated gas compression and production separator pressure to decrease the back pressure on the wells

Identify problems and provide resolutions for offshore and onshore heavy oil fields

Providing design and operational assurance for oil separation and dehydration

Lean-out effect of recycling gas through lift gas compressors

Installing new internals in the oil separator trains to increase the nominal capacity of the separation train. E.g. Calming baffle to create a laminar flow in the separators, VIEC to be able to coalesce more water droplets before entering the desalting unit

Installing new devices upstream the produced water treatment train to enhance oil in water separation – E.g. Mare’s tail

Heat integration possibilities within the processing facilities

Issues with respect to produced water treatment