Process and facility engineering

There is a common belief within process engineers that upstream oil and gas does not have any challenges to offer to hardcore process engineers. We at NAED think otherwise. Upstream process engineers not only should be confident in process engineering routines but also should be able to interpret and challenge the inputs they receive from the subsurface specialist. They need to understand different production scenarios dictated by subsurface studies and question them where needed. An example to this is artificial lift design. A competent upstream process engineer concisely reviews the input data received from subsurface critically and quantify the associated impacts pros and cons with respect to surface facilities.

NAED’s process/facility engineering approach is based on close collaboration and interaction with subsurface people (depending on the scope of the project, can be client’s or NAED’s team).

At NAED with our experienced upstream process engineering team we provide the following services to our clients ;

Over-pressure protection studies (HIPPS, line pack, water hammer)

Process equipment adequacy checks for a new well/pipeline tie-in to the existing facilities

Steady state and dynamic process simulations

Equipment sizing and process studies at the early phases of a grass root project to screen different production / artificial lift / EOR scenario’s impact on the facilities (cost, weight, and layout wise)

Material selection studies and assessments

Comprehensive transient vent and flare network studies to reduce the investment costs for new developments

Related software packages we are confident in :

HYSYS (Dynamic + Steady state)

Aspen vent system analyzer

  • Pre-FEED (Concept)
  • FEED
We believe that concept (Pre-FEED) studies in upstream oil and gas industry plays an important role in cost saving and profit optimization of the whole project. Key ideas, most likely to generate the largest cost reduction, are to be found at the conceptual stage of a development. Due to the importance of this stage, at NAED we have a structured approach to make the design as robust as possible.

Post-Concept surface engineering activities (FEED and detail engineering) are supported by our mother company NARGAN. NARGAN has access to a full range of engineering disciplines needed to perform a high quality FEED and detail engineering.