Production Chemistry

Successful operation of oil and gas operating facilities as well as the development of new facilities needs careful monitoring and analyzing the key process conditions coupled with the results of tests of the samples taken.

At NAED we combine process and flow assurance engineering knowledge with production chemistry expertise with the help of recognized simulation software’s to optimize your current and future oil and gas operating facilities.

For most of the oil fields, there is a need to have a proper treating program to tackle scale, corrosion, asphaltene, wax and emulsions problems.

By optimizing, selecting, determining the dosage rate and choosing the right injection point of the chemicals for the existing and new facilities the production can be maximized.

At NAED we provide a customized chemical treatment for your new and existing facilities. We support following areas;

Advice on required chemical analysis for wax, asphaltene, scale, hydrate, emulsion and foaming tendency of reservoir fluid at early stages of a project

Fluid characterization and matching with experimental results (GOR, wax content, WAT, viscosity tuning) Organic and inorganic scale

Precipitation of waxes, asphaltenes, and other solids

Hydrate management, including the use of thermodynamic inhibitors, such as MEG, methanol and kinetic inhibitors

Advice on dosage and location of chemical injections (In wellbore, pipeline, topside and process facilities)

Reservoir souring impact studies on the surface facilities (H2S partitioning, chemical scavenging, etc..)

Produced water/injection water compatibility studies

Requirement for injection water sulfate, particle, oxygen removal

Material testing for HP/HT sour or elemental sulfur containing systems (e.g. SSC or SCC corrosion testing).