Surface Facilities

At NAED we see oil and gas production (from pore to process) as a single component in energy supply life cycle. Our integrated surface-subsurface approach enables us and our clients to understand and challenge the subsurface production basis where appropriate. As we employ a wide range of technical disciplines, we fill all the interfaces and communication gaps that can result in by subcontracting a project to different contractors.

Thanks to our robust integrated approach we, together with our clients and partners, can make sure that surface processing facilities are fit for purpose and not conservatively designed based on which our clients can make sound investment decisions and execute projects with minimal technical, cost and schedule risks.

Our integrated approach helps us to understand the challenges and risks that our client (will) face for new developments as well as existing facilities by the help of the services that we provide in design and operational support;

For facilities, already in operation for several years, our surface engineering knowledge and expertise along with our understanding of the reservoir and downhole can benefit our clients by reducing their operating costs, increasing productivity and enhancing safe production. This can be achieved by adopting our recommendations ranging from minor changes (e.g. level setting changes inside the separators, adding new internals, etc.) to major changes such as adding low-pressure compression train, employing new water treatment technologies, utilizing industry proven state of the art slug controlling schemes, etc.

For new developments, from early phases of the project, we together with our partners, align a highly technically qualified team of all the related disciplines from subsurface up to and including surface to ensure to catch the impacts of the data received from reservoir/production engineering on the facility design and operation.