Eor Solutions for Iranian Oil Field

Insight to EOR/IOR
Opportunities & Challenges
Road-map for EOR projects and success factors and also presenting the challenges raised by EOR/IOR committee.
Iran E&P 2018 | 3-5 Mar. Tehran IRIB Int'l Conference Center

Management of Producing Assets

Integrated Asset Management
Effect of Integrated Engineering Services in Efficient Asset Management
Our presentation in the physical asset management panel in which we discussed Nargan approach in integrated asset management and modification services. We discussed also the importance of integrating subsurface and surface engineering for optimum solutions.
Iran E&P 2018 | 3-5 Mar. Tehran IRIB Int'l Conference Center

NAED at a glance

Integrated E&P Consulting Solution
NARGAN-AMITIS Energy Development (NAED) is registered in 2016 as an affiliate of Nargan acting as its oil and gas upstream services branch.

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Smart Water

Smart-Water is the least expensive, and the most environmental friendly EOR technique to boost oil production from your field!

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Dynamic Process Simulation

Dynamic process simulation helps to establish expertise and best practices among operators, enhancing process understanding.
Our clients make use of dynamic modeling in order to reduce the risk of operational incidents, reduce start-up time, verify Distributed Control Systems (DCS), verify Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), provide a test-bed system for analysis, increase operator awareness and skills, de-bottleneck units and processes and reduce environmental concerns.

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Seismic Quantitative Interpretation & Reservoir Characterization

You may use your seismic data to pick the horizons and faults to recognize the structure of your reservoir, but question is that is that all? You spend millions of dollars to acquire the seismic and process it. Can we boost the interpretation and extract as much as information we can? Can we characterize our reservoir in more detail, and how? This is where NAED Quantitative Interpretation tries to reach at.

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