Signing MOU with KHAJEH NASIR University of Technology

KNTU as academic center acts as an efficient means of technology maturation and knowledge transfer, while NAED as local engineering company with high level of experience, is able to support university to act effectively and manage to meet projects' objectives through implementation of project management practices that are well developed through Nargan 40 years of experience in oil and gas projects. KNTU and NAED has decided to make a partnership to improve their strengths and deliver the right technologies to meet the specific needs of oil and gas projects and to deliver practical technology innovative solutions . Such cooperation shall meet the specific objectives as set below:

Establishment of a sound framework for university-industry joint cooperation to deliver consultancy services to clients.

Utilizing the capacities in KNTU and NAED to deliver field development plans and determine practical methods for maximizing the recovery factor in the fields.

Empowering the KNTU in playing its role as an R & D unit and knowledge transfer.

Providing the opportunity for NAED to utilize its resources in doing engineering consultancy services and transferring the individual knowledge of its experienced members and the experiences of its foreign joints into organizational knowledge.