Workshop of Monitoring of Reservoir Production and Injection Using 4D Seismic Data

Seismic data contains quantitative and valuable information that has widely been used during reservoir exploration, development, production and monitoring steps. Utilizing 3D and 4D seismic data, international oil and gas companies have improved the reservoir recovery factor in North Sea above 30% and targeting to 60%. 4D seismic, which is a series of repeated 3D seismic surveys over time, has been extensively used by oil and gas companies to monitor reservoir production and injection in time and space. By measuring the water and gas fronts and pressure variation on the reservoir as well as by identifying bypassed oil and gas, it has been successfully used on most of the IOR/EOR plans on the North Sea reservoirs to optimize the water flooding, well placement and production/injection plans. Honored to deliver the technical workshop on monitoring of reservoir production and injection using 4D seismic data – focusing on water flooding to talented engineers and experts of National Iranian Oil Company in Nargan family.