Workshop Inprocess Lifecycle Process Simulation and

OTS solution implies creating a dynamic model of the plant units and connecting it to a software capable of reproducing the behavior of the DCS and SIS being used to control the plant. The OTS will replicate the behavior of the plant in detail. This includes DCS signals, interlock logic and overall plant operation, in a way that the Operator sees minimal (if any) differences between the OTS and the real plant DCS interface.

Dynamic Simulation is a powerful tool with multiple applications starting from the engineering phase and throughout the operation lifecycle. For modification of the existing operation plants as well as increasing the competency of the operators and their excellence, dynamic simulation plays a vital role.

Nargan Amitis Energy Development Co. together with its partner, Inprocess Co., has held a workshop to present the concept of OTS and dynamic simulation. During the workshop the structure of OTS was completely presented and technical features were discussed. Also demo of OTS was presented in the workshop for the audience.