Feasibility Study of Smart Water Flooding in Two Iranian Oil Field

“Evaluation of smart water flooding in Two Offshore Oil Fields in Persian Gulf” was awarded to NAED by Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) to provide a comprehensive study on EOR prize of application of smart water flooding method in these fields, on April 2019. Containing huge amount of untapped oil in place, these field are planned to be developed and NAED is working according to its designed pragmatic approach to fully investigate the reservoir behavior for smart water injection in each of the fields.

Fast screening of these fields based on the available data such as geological, geophysical, petrophysical, geochemical, reservoir rock and fluid properties, and further modeling and experiments shall be done to develop our understanding of the potential of smart water injection method in increasing the recovery. It will be accompanied with economic evaluation of the EOR prize versus its CAPEX and OPEX costs. Finally pilot design shall be done which shall be implement ted in the further stages by the client.

Nargan experience in engineering studies provides a good platform for delivering integrated subsurface and surface solutions, as is the case in many of the EOR/IOR studies.