Nargan Awarded 600 Million Euro EPC Project in Isfahan Refinery

On Wednesday 22nd May, 2019 Nargan and National Iranian Refineries and Distribution Co. signed the contract for EPC services with approximate value of 600 million Euro for Residue Hydrotreating Unit (RHU) to process vacuum residual.

The project is awarded to Nargan following Nargan Company previous services in Isfahan Refinery for Diesel (Gasoil) Hydrotreating Units (DHDT), Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU), Tail Gas Treatment Unit (TGTU), RFCC Gasoline Hydrotreating Unit (Prime G+), RFCC LPG Merox and H2 Production units.

In this new development stage, Isfahan Refinery is planning to transform the heavy fuel oil into products with higher added values. The project will be delivered in 36 months and the scope of Nargan services are Engineering Design & Procurement Engineering, Equipment & Material Supply and Field Engineering Services.