Dynamic Simulation
Dynamic process simulation helps to establish expertise and best practices among operators, enhancing process understanding.
Our clients make use of dynamic modeling in order to reduce risk of operational incidents, reduce start-up time, verify Distributed Control Systems (DCS), verify Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), provide a test-bed system for analysis, increase operator awareness and skills, de-bottleneck units and processes and reduce environmental concerns.
Dynamic Process
Improving the production capacity in the upstream sector can be achieved by focusing on removing production obstacles from the reservoir to the well and up to topside facilities of the production units. Getting into challenging details of these issues, make operators more to leverage dynamic simulation for resolving their operational faults.
Operator Training
OTS solution implies creating a dynamic model of the plant units and connecting it to a software capable of reproducing the behavior of the DCS and SIS being used to control the plant. The OTS will replicate the behavior of the plant in detail. This includes DCS signals, interlock logic and overall plant operation, in a way that the Operator sees minimal (if any) differences between the OTS and the real plant DCS interface.

Some key features of the NAED OTS solution are explained below:

  • Real Operation Console: Operators will be trained on identical conditions than in the real control room. The HMI graphic displays will be reused from the real control room consoles. This approach shortens the project execution, verifies the operability of the graphics and facilitates the maintenance.
  • Full emulation of the DCS: All the parameters, alarms and functionality of the control system are fully emulated via software with the DCS emulation software. The configuration files of the DCS from the real platform can be imported in the OTS system, providing a platform for checkout and verification before and after start-up.
  • Unique capabilities of the Process Simulator: By providing a more rigorous, stable and robust process simulation, we deliver a more realistic training session for all potential platform scenarios. The Aspen HYSYS ® Dynamics software allows performing additional process engineering analysis for early identification of operational problems and troubleshooting.
  • Maintainability: The NAED OTS solution is conceived to be maintained by the customer reusing the same Consoles graphics and DCS databases. The ability of Clients to maintain and modify Aspen HYSYS ® Dynamics models is another key benefit of using Aspen HYSYS ® Dynamics as the simulation engine for your OTS – ensuring a longer useful life of your OTS investment.
  • What You Achieve


    Process Validation

  • Equipment Protection
  • Safety Analysis
  • Size Verification
  • Relief Evaluation
  • Control Narrative
  • 02

    DCS Validation

  • DCS Logic Configuration Checkout
  • ESD Logic Checkout
  • Automatic Sequence Procedures
  • Checkout
  • Alarms Setting
  • Pre-tune Loops
  • Displays Checks & Operability
  • 03


  • Process & Displays Familiarization
  • Start-up Training
  • Emergency Training
  • Refreshing Training
  • Procedures Improvement
  • New Control Strategy
  • Verification
  • Plant Monitoring
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