Our Services

Very expensive decisions need to be made in oil/gas field development. These decisions involve a broad range of issues, for example: schedule for reservoir zone development; water/gas injection strategy; number of producers/injectors; well locations, trajectories, perforated intervals, and production/injection rates; artificial lift strategy; facility size, etc.The field-development projects need to include and consider not only a static or dynamic subsurface characterization but also the production-systems and facilities options, to trigger profitability and establish clear breakeven thresholds. More than ever, the consideration of deep water, tight reservoirs, remote locations, or environmentally critical plays is placed under the microscope.

We support our clients over the entire life of field from appraisal to abandonment through our integrated multi-domain approach. NAED provides services in all segments of the value chain in the upstream sector. We offer our solutions and work closely with our clients, shoulder-to-shoulder to make things possible.

NAED works with corporate and state upstream oil and gas clients in Iran to find out exploration and production opportunities that promote optimal growth.

Utilizing advanced technologies and great expertise and competencies brought to our team, we assist our client to optimize field asset values, and minimize cost and to explore much more together. Through our integrated upstream solution, consisting of surface and subsurface domains, we can:

Understand and improve reservoir performance

Identity and overcome obstacles related to production

Find out and manage risks throughout the asset life cycle

Decrease development and operating costs