Solution-Based Services

At NAED we use our expertise, and associates to work through fresh ideas and plans for our clients to solve their issues. In our team, we have highly skilled consultants who can provide engineering solutions to help you to remove obstacles in front of you. At NAED and for a given problem reported to us, first we focus on the root-causes of the problems, and then methodologies for identification of the source of the problem. We benefit from the internal knowledge of the various technologies. After selection of the right technology, we work closely with technology owners to control and/or handle the issue in the field. This approach is relevant to all aspects of our services from pores to process.

Some examples are as below;


We work closely with several associates, to be able to furnish our clients with solutions for the problem associated with the flow of phases in the porous system. Often, a ‘fit-for-purpose’ approach needs to be defined to better understand the heterogeneous nature of the hydrocarbon system. This involves a detailed understanding of the fluids saturation, pore-size distribution, permeability, rock texture, reservoir rock type at different scales.

There might be a wide range of issues showing up over the life time of a reservoir, including, but not limited to:

Water Production Problem

Increased H2S and CO2 during production

Decreased well Injectivity or Productivity

Challenging production from heterogeneous carbonate field.

High Pressure and High Temperature reservoirs


Many of our clients may suffer specific challenges in their surface production facilities. Growing environmental, commercial and public relations concerns regarding flaring and flare emissions, enforced operators to take immediate actions regarding flare gas recovery. Another challenge which can be found often in old producing oil and gas fields is high sand and solid production, due to conventional completion, which causes detrimental impacts on the wellhead facilities and therefore limited the production rates. Many of the producing oil and gas fields have been in operation for more than 20 years and the existing equipment and facilities may need optimization or modification. Working closely with our partners guarantee to provide the most efficient solutions for our clients. Due to high demand in above solutions, NAED teamed up with their partners to provide below fit-for-purpose solutions to clients:

Flare Gas Recovery

Sand & Solids Management

Maintenance, Modification & Operation (MMO)

Multiphase Separators & Desalters Performance Optimisation