About Us

Our History

NARGAN-AMITIS Energy Development (NAED) is registered in 2016 as an affiliate of Nargan acting as its oil and gas upstream services branch. NARGAN, established in 1975, has been one of the leading oil and gas service companies in the downstream sector in Iran with well-developed managerial and organizational infrastructures. NAED benefits from NARGAN organizational and infrastructural resources, as well as technical expertise and knowledge, brought up by its members to deliver upstream subsurface and surface engineering consultancy services.

NAED with its own visions and values works in an integrated manner with NARGAN to deliver an integrated E&P Consulting Solution Services to the Iranian’s Exploration and Production projects (ranging from Front-end services to Field Development).

At NAED, our strength is the delivery of the right technologies to meet the specific needs of each project – designing and delivering practical technology solutions, innovative in their use of traditional and leading edge methods.

NAED at a glance

Mission, Vision, and Values

NAED is initiated by its shareholder to meet requirements of clients in the upstream sector with delivering engineering consultancy, procurement, and some specific solution-based services. NAED envisions itself with Nargan as one of the leading service companies in oil and gas industry in Iran. NAED vision is to elaborate such image in the upstream sector and even go beyond that.

Such vision is followed while sticking into our values and acting within our moral framework. NAED is committed to sustainable development both on social and environmental aspects. We do care to refuse any action that leads to social and environmental negative impacts. Beyond that, NAED tries to support social development and environmental preservation through internal training of its staffs and investment on social events. Lying at the core of our business values, it is extreme care to our clients’ requirements. NAED is a customer oriented venture and applies agility, flexibility, integrity and professional attitude to deliver high-quality services to its clients.

NAED systematically works on its organizational excellence and human resource competency development in alignment with its strategic goals and intermediate objectives. Our adherence to systematic approach in planning & execution within the organization and in the implementation of the services and our firm belief in continuous improvement determines our management philosophy in NAED. If there is a problem, Nargan has the solution for it. If there is a problem, we are the solution.

Governance & Leadership

NAED organization is based on a strong matrix project based structure to maintain the high-quality technical expertise as well as fast response to clients’ requirements. NAED benefits from its board of advisors compromised of highly experienced consultants in the upstream sector with more than 30 years of individual experience in different technical and managerial levels in mega projects in upstream sector. Board of advisors support the board of directors with decision building and consultancy in better understanding the client requirements and organizing and allocating the resources for increasing the success of projects.

To increase access to more global resources, NAED has developed its international cooperation with well-known research and engineering service companies (analytical and desktop services) all around the world. NAED partnership model is based on mutual long term advantages of the stakeholders. NAED shares its available organizational assets including organizational infrastructures and market knowledge with its partners and supports them with low risk, low cost, and agile business development. On the other hand, NAED benefits from its partners’ expertise and know-how in the upstream sector. In the chain of value creation, NAED does increase the total value of the chain of the service for the client through reducing the risk of failure and improving the success factors utilizing its project management expertise developed through many years of experience in project management.

This partnership model supports sustainable business cooperation to deliver services that meet different requirements of the clients. While the quality is maintained, technology transfer is done such that it supports future advantages of the partners through lowering the project costs by localizing the production of the services through shared resources.